Jane Doe, the anonymous 16-year-old transgender girl who spent two months in an adult correctional facility despite no criminal charge, has been transferred to a “secure facility for delinquent boys.” 

According to DCF officials, while in the psychiatric facility, Doe assaulted a staff member and a fellow youth, and also destroyed DCF property on Saturday night, prompting the final determination of placement at the Juvenile Training School, stating that there is no other “suitable place” for her.

Doe’s lawyer told the AP that DCF has already broken a number of promises regarding his client’s placement, safety, and future prospects. Doe’s attorney claims that DCF officials had assured him that Doe would receive adequate therapy, and that the agency would attempt to place her in a foster home.

Doe is being held in a separate room, away from the boys at JTS.

I don’t have any words for how unjust, inhumane and downright awful this is. #JusticeForJane

justice4jane has posted a list of action items and important people to call to demand Jane’s freedom. The most important stuff:

Call Malloy: 860-566-4840
Call DCF (demand Jane’s immediate release): 860-550-6300
Tweet: @CTDCF and @GovMalloyOffice. Use #JusticeForJane hashtag.









Reminder to come help us get #BisexualSteveRogers trending on Twitter today! If diversity in media is important to you, help us out. :) 

Dude. Steven Rogers isn’t bisexual though. He is too dedicated to God and from the time period he grew up, probably thinks that being gay is a sin. If anything, Tony Stark should be canon bisexual. I’m sorry, but I am 100% against this.

Have you ever read a Captain America comic?

He great up in a queer neighborhood in Brooklyn. He was an artist. One of his best friends (Arnie Roth) is gay, and Steve helped rescue his boyfriend from kidnappers. The one defining trait of Steve is that he hates bullies. You think he would be homophobic? Really?

You’re entire characterization of Steve is really, really off base. 

Also, like, you can believe in God and be bisexual? 

No, he’s not bisexual, in any way. There are so many things wrong with you for thinking that he can be. He’s a Christian soldier fighting in the WW2 Era time period. That time period was probably the straightest the entire nation has been thus far, bisexuality and homosexuality was morally incorrect, and he was all about doing whats right.

And no, you cannot be a “bisexual christian” because that doesn’t mean you’re actually a christian anymore, you’re a fake who’s wearing the label to try and gain acceptance from multiple groups. You’re disrespecting the religion as a whole, the character that is Captain America, and America it self.

American values were founded with God in mind, the entire nation was created with God as it’s leading point. Do not blaspheme something like that, grow up and get some respect for all of these things.

Not to mention, this is a stupid thing to try and cause an argument for anyways, you’re arguing over the sexuality of a character, when its VERY fucking obvious he’s a straight white male. GET OVER IT FEMINISTS. STRAIGHT WHILE MALES WILL ALWAYS EXIST 


I’m seriously doubting the motives behind this. Why exactly does it have to be Captain America anyway?

You’re “doubting the motives behind this?” What do you think our motives are? World domination? Straight people extermination? Discontinuing peanut butter M&Ms? What is your fear? 

Our motives are simple: We’re a group of most LGBTQIAP+ Captain America fans who want to see ourselves more represented within the MCU. It’s not that complicated or insidious. 

Steve Rogers is our focus for a number of reasons.

Meta-wise, he’s a very visible character, he’s a protagonist, and he is by definition patriotic. If he were to be canonly bisexual, it would combat a lot of really terrible stereotypes about bisexual people and generate a lot of interest and attention because of his status as a cultural icon. 

In-story, it simply works well for his character. Many of us see clear parallels between his interactions with Peggy and Sharon with his interactions with Bucky and Sam. His banter, his body language, the depth of his feelings for them seem comparable. Beyond that, Steve is someone who goes against expectations. He wasn’t the popular football playing jock kid. He was a poor, orphaned artist who grew up in a predominately queer neighborhood who was progressive beyond his time and always seemed to struggle with himself at times. He got beat up a lot but never backed down. That’s a narrative that many LGBTQIAP+ fans identify with, and it’s very easy to see how being bisexual would fit into that backstory seamlessly.  

and for the record, WWII was not the straightest point in American history. it was actually a point of liberalism in our history which provided opportunities for the LGBT community to flourish. men overseas were able to form bonds without being judged or questions and women back home were able to join the workforce and put off marriage. this enabled women to begin living together rather than move straight from parents house to their husbands home, and thus it normalized close relationships between women….learn some history